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Helpful Sideboard Styling Tips

Whether in the dining room, living room, or even the hallway, styling a sideboard is among the easiest decisions you can make. Sideboards have been key for most interiors and are responsible for transforming neglected spaces into sophisticated design statements. However, beyond being a furniture piece that will allow you to create vignettes without eating into your floor area, a sideboard is one of the most versatile units you’ll invest in. Check out these sideboard styling tips for inspiration.

Lobbies and hallways

The entrance lobby is the first place to enter when you get home. It’s also the place where you leave your cell phone, keys, and other items in your hands. You need a sideboard for convenience. Also, the lobby is the first place visitors get the first impression of your house when they arrive. You’ll therefore want to impress them and make some sober decisions with goes on the walls and with your sideboard.

What goes above, below, and to the sides?

Keep an eye on what’s going on and around your console. Three things must happen around it for you to achieve the best styling. One is something above your sideboard like a hanging plant, painting, or pendant light. The second is something of the sideboard, for example, a plant cascading or hanging off the side. Lastly is an item below or to the side on the floor, for example, a rug, potted plant, or a stack of magazines.

Scale is everything

Size is everything when it comes to sideboard styling. The rule of thumb is you should avoid lots of small objects. They make a sideboard appear more of a dumping space than a design statement. Cluster knick-knacks together in a tray so they create their one moment there. Blend that with larger objects. It’s good you also mix both tall and wide objects without throwing the scale off. A stack of books can bring some sense of height.

Reserve for cocktail

A sideboard can be a storage space for bottles of wines and spirits. Instead of stashing them, you can instead turn them into a feature. Cluster them into a tray and put it to the side of the sideboard to create a 70s cocktail tray vibe.

Styling your interiors can involve purchasing a new sideboard or revamping the one you already have. Either way, the sideboard needs to match your interior décor. Make sure it’s a statement design and not any other thing you’d want out of sight of visitors.