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How to incorporate mid-century modern style in home decor

The period referred to as the mid-century modern is the 20th century, specifically the period following the 2nd World War, from the mid-40s to the late 60s. North America enjoyed a booming economy and growth in population during this period. New homes were constructed and homeowners wanted their houses to be a lot different from those constructed in the previous century. Surprisingly, styles from the previous era have made a comeback. Read on to see why these iconic styles are still so influential in today’s interior design.

Organic influences

Houses with large or several windows invite the outside in. This is a signature style of the mid-century modern style. Natural materials like leather, wood, and metal were in high demand. Designers went for bold patterns to give stunning visual focus to lean and complicated living spaces.

Functionality was a priority

Home designers produced floor plans so that every room had its purposed and omitted anything unnecessary. Multi-purpose furniture sets were highly sought after to conserve space. Designers, as well as homeowners, sought furniture pieces that could be folded, stacked, or nested.

New materials found their way in

The mid-century period saw new materials like fibreglass and Plexiglass find their way into home furnishing. Materials like plywood and fibreglass were bent to fit into the curvature of the body. Leather and tubular steel were commonly used to created cantilevered chairs. Plexiglass was used to create clear organic shapes such as end and coffee tables.

Mid-century modern kitchen interiors

Décor cabinets and clean lines with minimalist pulls and handles are features of the mid-century modern kitchen interiors. A kitchen island isn’t just a contemporary favourite, but a vintage must-have. Paired with slim bar stools and colourful accessories, and a recto kitchen will come to life.

Mid-century modern dining room

It’s easier to furnish a dining room than other rooms. It’s effortless to create a mid-century modern interior with an artisanal dining table and brilliantly shaped dining chairs in velvet. You can then add a contemporary twist with a chandelier or a pendant dangling above the dining table.

The mid-century modern bedroom

Designing a mid-century modern interior style is effortless thanks to its gender-neutral appearance. Muted colours and clean lines prevail in a mid-century modern bedroom, therefore sprinkling in your personality is simple.

You should endeavour to complete your living space with mid-century modern interiors. It’s a style focused on minimalist designs and functionality. Check out Tylko’s guide to mid-century modern interior style for more insights.